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Soccer F.A.Q.

Restating facts because soccer losers can't read.

Yes, Virginia, the U.S. did win a World Cup in 1991 and 1999. Here's the proof. You say that women don't count? That's remarkably sexist. Besides, soccer is a girls' activity anyway.

Yes, the penis biting incident did happen, and no I did not Photoshop any images. Here's the proof of the penis biting incidents:

Spanish penis biter
Ukrainian penis biter

Note that one incident may be a fluke, but a second incident indicates that soccer penis biting is a characteristic of soccer. Freaks.

I actually have played soccer as a child. I grew up, and moved on to real sports like football, basketball, baseball, rodeo, hockey and lacrosse. My last time playing soccer was against some English team in college. I played goalie, so I could at least use my hands. The game, understandably, ended in a 0-0 tie. I hate soccer because I am intelligent, not because I can't play the game.

I am not an American. This has been restated several million times on this website. Perhaps you soccer apologists should stop your bigotry.

Most English language speaking call soccer soccer and football football.

Here's a list of English

Note that Americans, Canadians, Australians and Bermudians call soccer soccer and football football. That's 242,840,000 English speakers who use the term soccer and 65,530,000 who don't.

Note that having the French calling soccer "le football" doesn't help your case. Pied is French for foot and "boule" is French for ball.